These are the most common questions we get asked by clients day in and day out. We love any excuse to chat, but this might save you some time.

What’s your cancellation policy?

You have 48 hours to cancel from the time of booking. After 48 hours, the Booking Fee becomes non-refundable.

  • For cancellations 30 days or more before the event - a refund of the full amount excluding the Booking Fee and *transaction costs
  • For cancellations between 30 - 14 days of the event - a refund of 50% of the full amount excluding *transaction costs
  • For cancellations within 14 days of the event - a refund of 25% of the full amount excluding *transaction costs. It is usually too late for us to get another booking at this point.

Is there a charge for travel?

No charge if you're within 30 miles. $3 per mile for anything over.

Do you provide early setup?

For a small hourly fee, we offer Idle Hours. We can setup as early as you like, pause for a ceremony, or take a time out while everyone eats without taking time out of the package.

Why are you more expensive than the other companies?

We are insured professionals with backup equipment and a contract. Always ask your next photo booth company if they bring a backup printer -a bare minimum in out book..

Are there any hidden fees? Travel fees, Set up fees?! How much do you charge?

Set up is included. We charge 7.25% tax and a nominal mileage fee for events outside Los Angeles.

Do you have a backup plan in case of equipment malfunction?

Absolutely. We have redundant equipment for all of our critical electronics. Any photo booth that doesn't, has the potential for a huge let down.

How much space do you need for the photo booth?

We require a minimum space of 6x9 feet for your photo booth area. Any less and we may not be able to safely fit all of our equipment.

Is there anything else needed for the photo booth?

We need a standard electrical outlet within 20 feet of the photo booth. We also require a surface that is hard, dry, and level with no direct sunlight. Basic cell reception or in-house wifi is required for texting, emailing, and instant uploading capabilities.

Will there be an attendant/photo booth technician all time to maintenance the photo booth if something goes wrong?

Yes yes yes, we have a Booth Concierge. Our Concierge's goal is the same as our company goal, fun fun fun -they will do everything in their power to keep the booth busy, orderly, and your guests well taken care of. And yes, if something goes wrong, they will take care of it right away.

How long does it take to set up the photo booth?

Set up takes between 45 and 120 minutes depending on the package selected, and we will arrive accordingly. We will have the booth tested and available for use on-time.

What do your props look like?

We offer 2 different prop kits. 1 is Silly-fun and includes colorful toylike props like masks, hand-signs, hats, head gear, glasses, and more. The other is the Elegant Prop-kit which includes fancy luxurious props for complimenting formal wear. Check out our photo galleries for examples. We strive to keep the props sanitary, and cycle out props as they get worn all the time.

Do I need to buy my own props?

No, but you can. It will save you a little money. On the other hand, our props are fun & trendy; we will keep them clean and organized throughout your event.

Will you try to match the colors in my wedding? My wedding color is "Mint Green"

We can color coordinate our LEDs, and would be happy to personalize your backdrop, props, and interactive screen to compliment your color or theme.

How many people can fit in your photo booth?

Up to 7 people with our Deluxe layout, or 10 with the Ballroom layout. If you can fit more that's fine with us, as long as you don't knock anything over.

What does your photo booth look like? Is it an open-air booth or enclosed?

It's an open-air photo booth with a footprint of 6x9-feet. The backdrop stands 8-feet tall by 8-feet wide. The kiosk is a free standing, lollipop-style design featuring color changing LED panels and a smooth white finish. Unfortunately, in-person visits are not possible.

What kind of camera the booth feature? What printer do you use?

A Canon DSLR camera, and a DNP dye sublimation printer, a large touchscreen tablet, a professional photo booth kiosk, and an 8-foot fabric backdrop (all industry standard).

How long have you been in business?

Since November 2016.

Are you licensed and insured?

Our service features a $1M liability insurance policy.

Can my photo strips be personalized with name and date? Are other layouts available?

Yes! We send you a mocked up photo strip first thing. Packages under $500 include a Personalized Photo Strip; you choose the text and the color of the background, approve the first version, or request your 1 free revision for a little fine tuning. Packages $500 and up include a Full Custom Photo Strip; in addition to the personalizations, we'll shop graphics and custom design you a one of a kind photo strip to best accent your theme (up to 4 revisions included). We can change anything you like within reason. Choose from 2x6" photo strips or larger 4x6" prints.

Do you offer unlimited photos at the event? What if my guests want extra prints?

2 photo strips print automatically. Your attendant can print up to 1 per person for everybody in the photo. To print "1 extra" every session, there is a Scrapbook Fee.  If somebody really needs 1 extra print here or there, we will absolutely accommodate them without making a fuss.

Is it possible to choose color or black & white prints?

Yes. If you tell us ahead of time, we can enable a black & white option for your guests to select.

Do you guarantee that your prints will be smudge and scratch resistant?

Yes. Our dye sublimation printer makes top notch prints that are water and fade resistant for years and years. The technology is so high-tech, they haven't witnessed how long they can last yet. Scratches are always possible, but not with normal handling.

What are the quality of photos? Can I see example of past photos?

High quality, sharp, and well lit. Check out our photo galleries or if you want to see a real life photo strip, just shoot us your address and we'll send you a couple.

Will I get a copy of all the photos taken at the event?

Absolutely. We provide an online gallery that you can download all photos from with 1-click. All photos are instantly uploaded to the gallery as soon as the photos are taken. If no cell service or wifi is available, all photos will be uploaded to the gallery within 24 hours.

What do your scrapbooks/guestbooks look like and what kind do you provide?

We offer a professionally printed Memory Book -deliverable a few days after the event. We do not offer guestbook or scrapbook setups, but for a small fee we would be happy to provide an extra copy of every photo strip if you would like to create and upkeep your own scrapbooking station.

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